From Piggybank To Bookshelf

Coin jar (well, coin cardboard box, but that’s clunkier) is almost full (and quite clunky, especially when I knock it off my desk, although the shower of silver and copper makes me feel kind of wealthy) (have I mentioned that I’m also collecting gold dollar coins? I keep them in a little maroon velvet pouch, because it makes me feel like a pirate. Or Harry Potter.)

–As I was saying, coin box is almost full, and that means it’s almost time for an Amazon shopping trip! I dump my coin jar into a Coinstar machine when it’s full, and get an Amazon gift certificate instead of cash back (you lose 10% or something if you get cash, but not if you get a gift certificate), and then I buy BOOKS.

Probably going to get Steve Scafidi’s For Love Of Common Words and Edeet Ravel’s Ten Thousand Lovers, since both have disappeared off my shelf recently as gifts to friends.

But I’m also lusting after Myths Of The Asanas: The Ancient Origins Of Yoga, a book (with pretty pictures!) that tells the Hindu legend or fable behind each yoga posture.

Choices, choices…anyone have recommendations, to make my decision even harder?


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