Snow day = learning how to use the rice cooker (omg it’s magical), baking up a batch of maple-ginger tofu squares, inventing orange-marmalade-chocolate-chip cookies, sipping oolong tea.

Snow day = puttering & cozying & nibbling.

Snow day = short stories!

Finished Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies yesterday–depressing, but delicious. She’s giving the keynote at the AWP writers’ conference I’m going to in D.C. next week.

Some all-time favorite short story collections:

Stories of Eva Luna (Isabel Allende)
Nine Stories (J.D. Salinger)
Illustrated Man (Ray Bradbury)
Touching Fire: Erotic Writings by Women (anthology)

Quick, before the snow melts, tell me a few of your favorites! Ready, set, go–


2 thoughts on “Nibbling

  1. Have you read My Mistress’ Sparrow is Dead yet?? Or The Magicians? or Manhood for Amateurs? or The Screwtape Letters? I just want to read everything ever ever ever. And to see you, maybe?


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