Sleepy Mumbles…

trying to fall asleep, and unlike last night when i was mumbling about cabbage and carrots and fuzzy bears and orange people spinning in orange circles, tonight my mental rambles are coherent. (jon and i have been keeping a notebook of my sleepy-mumbles, hoping that someday a prophecy or at least a poem will materialize.)  (so far it’s still pretty unfathomable.)

tonight i keep thinking about my upcoming yoga classes this week–level 1 and level 2 back-to-back on weds, beginner again on thurs. what do i want to emphasize, as a teacher? what do I want my students to walk away with? how can i share bits of the richness of my own practice without getting bogged down in philosophy?

there are so many things i want to say. the practice has taught me so much, both on and off the mat.  i’ve learned from excellent teachers, from my own trial and error, from dedication and lapsing and finding dedication again.  how to open the door for my students to these kinds of lessons?

{we spend so much of our lives thinking and telling ourselves, “i’ll be happy when…”–fill in the blank. “that job, that relationship, that salary. i’ll be happy when i have more free time. i’ll be happy when i’m in better shape.” we spend so much time and energy being dissatisfied with the present that we don’t have any room left for joy, gratitude, noticing what’s around us in the NOW.}

{we practice yoga to practice noticing. as we notice the physical postures and our bodily reactions to them, we practice living in the present and trusting our own reactions. we find contentment in the transition from one posture to another, in the sweetness and steadiness of the breath, in the small miracles of the body and its capabilities. we find humor and compassion for its limitations.}

{we practice yoga to make room in the deep well of the body for those drops of contentment. yoga means “union”–union of breath and movement, of intention and practice, of body and mind. we find ways to let go physically and that makes space inside of us to soften,, so there is room for the moments of joy in our everyday lives.}

{we live our lives so clenched–grasping at security, at stability. we fear change and transition, we fear limitation. but the world can’t truly affect us if we are so clenched–our experiences are only half-experiences. we practice yoga to find us places we can soften, unclench, and more fully BE.}

…ok, the orange people are coming back…spinning…in purple circles now…purple polka dots sideways lots on my eyelids…mmm…zzzzzzzz.


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