the good, the bad, and the sickly

the bad: first day all to myself in weeks and weeks…and i come down with a stomach bug.

the good: finished an entire novel (The Help) in one day!

the bad: butt is sore from lying in bed all day.

the good: shoulders are sore from kitten (who must have a great my-human-is-feeling-crappy sensor) giving them a thorough bath (aka feline massage) with her sandpaper tongue.

the bad: still feeling dizzy and now have huge headache from not drinking any coffee today, or eating anything besides saltine crackers.

the good: having an amazing job that allows me to call in sick at the last minute…hooray.

the bad: didn’t get to enjoy this beautiful fall weather today.

the good: spent all of yesterday outdoors, covered in mud, paint, and PB&J, playing with 30 children on an idyllic farm. and then having a fabulous dinner and square-dancing with a five-year-old. all for aforementioned amazing job.

the bad: spent all day in bed.

the good: aforementioned kitten loved having me home all day and also spent all day in bed, snuggling.

well, i think i’m off to try a daring bowl of cheerios for dinner…though it will probably result in the final portion of today’s title–“the sickly”!


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