This Is Unabashedly Just About My Cat

We all have routines.  Some of them develop so gradually and naturally that we find ourselves falling into patterns without even realizing it.  These routines reveal a lot about our character and our relationships to others.

You can probably tell right now that this is going to be a very serious and philosophical post, can’t you?

To go back to routines–I guess some people greet their family when they get home from work, for example.

Well, my household companion at the moment is a kitten.  But just like other families, when I get home from work, we have our own little routine.  Let’s do an anthropological examination:

  • Zoe is always thrilled to see me.  I can tell because she immediately starts to run over to the door but then stops, pointedly (ha, ha) sharpens her claws on the scratching post, and does a few stretches and yawns to assure me that my arrival is NOT in fact the biggest deal ever.
  • Then she comes racing over and sniffs my shoes and rubs her face against my ankles.  I, of course, have much more poise.  I immediately drop all the things I’m holding and start a sophisticated, sing-song, high-pitched little chant, that goes like this: “Yeahhhh the Zoecat! Yeahhhh the Zoecat!” (I have no idea how this evolved and I refuse to admit responsibility. It’s all her fault.)
  • When she has assured herself that I’m real and I’m not going away again, or maybe just to stop my “singing,” Zoe starts up an industrial-strength purr and rolls over to present her belly for rubbing.  At this point, I drop to the floor and give her a vigorous scratching-down, while crooning, “Tummy rubs! Tummy RUBS!! Yeahhhh TUMMY RUBS FOR ZOECAT!!!”  The casual observer might think I get more excited about it than she does, although I maintain it’s hard to tell.
  • Finally Zoe squirms away and I start to go about my business.  Zoe then runs around underfoot until I am forced to stop and pet her some more.  This is a very key maneuver, from a psychological perspective.  For example, right now, as I am typing this, she has just finished trying to provoke me by climbing up the blinds and chewing on the corner of my laptop, and is now acrobatically climbing up the back of the chair and pouncing on my ponytail over and over again.  Pretty soon she will crawl into my lap and poke her nose into my hands while I am typing, begging to have her ears scratched, stepping all over the keyboard, until I am forced to end this post and333333333333333333vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvfvfvvvvvvfffffffffffffffffffffffff

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