The Guilt Pile of Shelved Projects and Best Intentions

Although I haven’t kept up very well with my dream diary this year, I still mumble in my sleep (and then ruminate about it) frequently enough that I’m considering retitling this blog “Notes From Oblivion,” “Slumbertalk,” or “Things I Say When I’m Dormant.”

Anyway, two recent excerpts from the Sleepymumble Diaries (transcribed/remembered by my faithful stenographer, Noj, whose name has, of course, been spelled backward for privacy) merited enough special attention that I’ve considered cracking open my Freud, Jung, and Joseph Campbell again:

Me: Eight kinds of chocolate!

Noj: What’s your favorite kind?

Me: Powder puff.

Noj: Oh yeah? What do you like about it?

Me: [gleeful, as though telling the punch line to a joke] Pfffffff!


Me: Look at that zebra. It’s so skinny!

Noj: [who was already asleep] Whaaat? A zebra?

Me: It needs to EAT MORE.


I’m pretty sure there are some deep meanings to be gleaned here. The problem is, my collection of dream psychology books (all four of them!) are currently languishing on my Guilt Pile of Shelved Projects and Best Intentions (closely related to last year’s Home for Neglected Literature):

more neglected books

So instead, I’ll have to create my own myths and interpretations. For poetic inspiration, I’ve collected the best index entries from the books I edit:

men, dandies

ideal woman, production of

Heaven–page 42

Jesus. See Christ

omnificent power, of doer of everything

human plight, in solitude of naked spirit

German, egotism of


fall from grace and


abyss of
as exercise


enhancing the seductiveness of artificial flowers

fancy. See also imagination

epic simile

supernatural change

See also creation

pudding- and pie-making, and the woman writer




So! Preliminary entries for my future textbook on dreaming:


eight kinds of

powder puffs and

sound effects of


self-image problems of


See also Jewish-grandmother-in-training (JGIT)


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